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Fjords Vs Ekornes

Quick Take

  • Both Brands are Equal in Quality
  • Fjords offers better value and shorter lead-times
  • Ekornes costs more and takes longer but has more custom options

The Mustang Recliner by Fjords

The Stressless By Ekornes

Fjords and Stressless are the leading brands of European reclining furniture. Both are Norwegian Companies: Fjords is made by Hjellegjerde and Stressless by Ekornes.

  • Both brands are primarily upholstered in leather with excellent fit-and-finish.
  • Both deliver on the promise of superior comfort.
  • Both offer excellent longevity and stand above the many pretenders and knock-offs.

However there are some significant differences between the two and each brand has it's own Pros and Cons.

  • Looks It's a matter of taste and personal preference but generally Ekornes leather looks looser and more relaxed while Fjords is tighter and more robust.
  • Swivel Base Ekornes swivels on two interlocking floor rings- the upside being that these rings can accept height extenders (an add-on purchase of $135-$200) while the downside is that any dirt getting between the rings can cause grinding. Fjords swivels from a central steel post which is simpler and trouble free but allows no height extension.
  • Relaxer Options Many Fjords models come as battery-operated recliners with built-in footrests. Ekornes has a smaller selection of these chairs but recently purchased the IMG Company (and their Thailand factory) to expand their relaxer selection.
  • Size Choices Ekornes offers some models in two sizes and some in three sizes. All Fjords chairs come in two sizes.
  • Color Choices Ekornes offers a large selection of special order colors, but they can take months to arrive. Fjords stocks a smaller selection of basic colors in their US warehouse but they arrive must faster.
  • Price The bottom line is that although both products are equivalent quality Fjords chairs are much less expensive (35% -50%) than Ekornes.

Ekornes is a large company with high management and overhead costs. They spend tens of millions on brand advertising to grow their market share.

Fjords chooses a different path- to be a lean operation that delivers value by investing more in product quality instead of marketing. This allows Fjords to have lower prices.

The conclusion.

  • Fjords is a better choice if lower price and shorter lead-times are important to you.
  • Ekornes is better if you want more size and color options and don't mind higher prices and a longer wait.

You can't go wrong with either one- both are "best in class" European recliners. Just be sure to spend ample time sitting in any chair you are considering to make sure it really fits your body.

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