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A Better Quality Sofa For The Same Price

Furniture Built in America is the Best

Inflation Has Escalated the Cost to Ship a Container from China to $20,000- That's $400 per Sofa (it used to be $80)

That means a Top Quality US Made Sofa is Now the Same Price as an Import

Introduction: What Happened to American Made Products and Expert Salespeople?


Since the 1980's American companies realized they could grow larger and more profitable by closing American factories and moving production to lower wage countries. Furniture made in American became furniture made in China.

This influx of lower quality, less expensive products gave rise to giant discount retailers staffed by inexperienced "Retail Sales Associates". Gone were quality American-made products offered by independent local stores crewed by experienced professionals.

Disruption and Inflation

Even though these changes upended society, creating many losers (and a few big winners) the trend seemed unstoppable until the Covid epidemic in early 2020.

Asian factories, freight terminals, and container ships stopped operating and the global supply chain became broken.

But a year or two later (when the factories and ships were running again) things did not "return to normal". The supply chain disruption and corporate opportunism created rampant inflation.

What Does This Have To Do With Buying A Sofa

While fuel and food prices may have doubled, the cost to ship an ocean container from China has increased 500% to $20,000 each.

Most upholstery sold in the USA is produced in China. A container holds 50 sofas so the cost to ship each sofa from China has gone from $80 each to $400 each.

Suddenly the price advantage of imported products is gone. The savings gained by using lower cost labor and cheaper materials can't compensate for the higher shipping prices.

American Made Furniture is Back

Not all US furniture companies moved off-shore. Some have always bucked the trend. They kept producing domestically, focusing on design and quality instead of low price.

Their perseverance is being recognized and rewarded- these companies are busier than ever.

Because for now, and as long as ocean shipping rates remain stratospheric, shoppers can get the better quality American sofa for the same price as the import.

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