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Pickup From Our Warehouse: Frequently Asked Questions

Ty- Easthampton Warehouse Staff

  • Is The Fly By Night Warehouse Right Next to The Showroom? No it's not. The giant semi-trailers that bring furniture to our warehouse need commercial loading docks so our warehouse has to be in an industrial park. The Fly By Night Warehouse is located at 4 Industrial Parkway in Easthampton MA, 01027.
  • Why is the Warehouse in Easthampton and not Northampton? Even though it's technically in a different town it's much quicker and easier for customers to get from the Showroom to the Easthampton Industrial Park (you basically stay on the same road) than fighting cross-town traffic to the Northampton Industrial Park.

Fly By Night Warehouse - 4 Industrial Parkway, Easthampton

  • How Big is the Warehouse? Is that Where I Shop For Clearance Furniture? The warehouse is 20,000 sq feet. There is NO customer shopping inside. Instead, the Fly By Night Clearance Area is located on the Second Floor of the Showroom in Downtown Northampton.
  • When Can I Pick-up Furniture From the Warehouse? Do I Have To Call Ahead? Customer Pick-up is Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 AM - 5:30 PM. Unless there are unique or unusual circumstances, you do NOT have to call ahead. Although the warehouse is closed on Sundays and Mondays, we can make special arrangements with advance notice.
  • Where Do I Go When I Arrive At The Warehouse? What Should I Do? There is a circular driveway with a covered overhang at the front of the building. Park your vehicle there and call the number on the door, 413-527-5892. Tell us your Name or Sales Order Number and we will immediately bring your furniture out the roll-up garage door on the left side of the building. We will usually have you loaded and on your way in 1-2 minutes. Please Do Not enter the building- it's for staff only.

Warehouse Customer Pick-up Area

  • Will You Help Me Load My Furniture? We have loaded thousands of vehicles and will do our best to help you. However, by accepting our assistance you warrant that any damage to your vehicle is your responsibility.
  • Will You Tie My Furniture To The Roof or Truck Bed? No we will not. We are prohibited from tying or strapping. Please bring your own rope, straps, or tie-downs if you intend to secure your furniture to the exterior of a vehicle.
  • How Do I Know if My Purchase Will Fit Inside My Vehicle? If you have any doubts please call us at the warehouse 413-527-5892, before you come. We are happy to give you any item dimensions so you can measure your vehicle and be certain.
  • I Was Told By the Showroom Staff To Bring Blankets. What's That About? Much of our hardwood furniture (especially from the smaller handmade shops) is shipped "blanket-wrapped". This reduces costs and eliminates waste because the shipping company blankets can be reused dozens of times. We have purpose-built racks and our own blankets to keep the furniture safe while we store it. When you come to pick-up your furniture, it will be minimally packaged- so you bring a few blankets to keep things from getting scratched or dinged on the ride home. Please call the Warehouse if you have any questions about this.

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