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The Best Mattress in America


Since 1988, we've tested hundreds of different mattress by dozens of brands. We've helped thousands of local families sleep well- eighty percent are repeat customers

For ten consecutive years one company has won our "Vendor Of The Year" award. That winner is Berkeley Ergonomics- without a doubt the best mattress company in America.

Why is Berkeley Ergonomics the Best?

  • They use the same top quality natural components (sourced from Europe) in their entire range of mattresses- from the Euro Basic to the Triple Coil Deluxe.
  • Their unique "Open System" allows users to customize a mattress and even alter or repair it years later.
  • Their adjustable wooden slat base targets individualized support to back and hips
  • Their German engineered "Dual Comfort" concept allow different firmness levels on the left and right side of the bed.
  • They are a proactive company- constantly improving to keep problems from occurring. If something does goes wrong they fix it quickly.
  • Very favorable pricing makes these mattresses are a great value.

Natural Components Make A Better Mattress

Besides being healthier, a natural mattresses is just a better mattress. It's more comfortable, it breathes best and it lasts longer.

Synthetic materials are not used because they perform better, but because they cost less.

  • Organic Cotton Outer Liners allow better air circulation and sleep cooler than polyester or chemical gel.
  • Real latex rubber provides better cushioning and lasts longer than foam (polyurethane, memory or gel).
  • Tightly felted wool surpasses federal fire suppression regulations while simultaneously regulating body temperature, reducing humidity, and repelling dust mites.

Berkeley Ergonomics Uses the Finest European-Made Natural Materials

  • Berkeley only uses individually encased carbon steel Pocket Coils. Each coil works independently from the rest to provide the best body mapping and the least motion transfer. They develop specific coil designs in cooperation with the best spring manufacturers in Germany and England.

The Worlds Best Coils. Nested Pocket Coils Made in Germany and Micro Coils Made in England

  • All cushioning material is 100% Natural filler-free Vita Talalay Latex made in Holland. It is both certified Oekotex 100 Level 1 and Cradle-to-Cradle Gold Certified "as "the most healthy and 100% natural comfort material in the world".

  • For body comfort and to comply with fire suppression regulations Plein-Air Wool® is Safesourced from the French Alps and processed without chemicals in Germany. These sheep live outdoors year-round so their wool fibers grown longer and naturally curly.

Plein-Air Wool® Sheep Live Outdoors Year-round in the French Alps

  • The four-way stretch knit outer liners are constructed of 100% Long Staple Organic Cotton by the same German factory (Mattes & Ammann) that makes seat fabrics for Mercedes Benz.

Mattes & Ammand is a family owned fabric company in the German Alps

The Open System

Most Mattresses are sealed "black boxes" so you can't really see what's inside. Not Berkeley Ergonomics. Most of their models feature a large zipper on the exterior Organic Cotton Cover.

This Open System allows you to:

  • Easily do a comfort exchange to make the mattress firmer or softer to accommodate changes in your body over time.
  • Fix the mattress in case of accidental damage or the rare occasion of component failure.
  • Enjoy just "looking under the hood" at the top quality components inside the mattress

The Open System. On the Left is the Big Zipper. On the Right Enjoy Looking Inside.

Adjustable Wooden Slat Bases Provide Targeted Support

Almost all of today's mattress foundations (formerly known as "box springs") are rigid wood and metal rectangles covered with polyester fabric. The only benefit they provide is to raise the mattress higher off the bed frame.

Berkeley Ergonomics offers a much more innovative and useful solution with their adjustable Euroslat Foundations.

Available in four different heights, a Euroslat foundation looks a like a regular "box spring" on the outside. But on the inside it's filled with bow-shaped solid European Beechwood slats.

Each pair of slats is independently mounted with rubber shock absorbers. The slat-pairs under the shoulders, back and hips are fitted with rubber sliders that rest upon a third under-slat.

Moving these sliders closer or farther from the center exactly adjusts the resistance of the slats. This ability to "target support" can greatly alleviate back and hip pain. .

Euroslats are:

  • Independent, flexible, supportive and firmness-adjustable
  • designed for optimal contour
  • Each side adjusts independently with no roll-together or bounce
  • Fit any frame – replaces a box spring
  • Available in four heights (2.5", 4.5 ", 6.5", or 8.75")
  • Crafted from solid wood and upholstered with organic cotton knit quilted to pure wool

Conclusion: Berkeley Ergonomics Is The Best American Mattress Company

  • They use the best quality natural components that are all made in Europe.
  • Their unique "Open System" allows users to customize and alter their mattress.
  • Adjustable wooden slat bases target individualized support to back and hips
  • German engineered "Dual Comfort" allows different firmness levels on the left and right side of the bed.

In addition to making the best mattresses, year after year Berkeley Ergonomics remains a great company to deal with. They are proactive, responsive and friendly people who always follow through on their promises.

Considering all the superior materials and components that go into these mattresses, the prices are amazingly fair. You pay less and get more with a Berkeley Ergonomics natural mattress than the heavily advertised "Big S" or online brands.

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