Harvestmoon 8-Drawer Dresser

When you buy a piece of furniture from Maple Corner, you are buying an heirloom-quality collectible. The contemporary shapes and unexpected angles of the award-winning Harvestmoon design blend in a way that is visually calming, creating a Zen-like atmosphere in your bedroom-- a place for you to relax and unwind. As with their Shaker Collection, we feel Maple Corner's Harvest Moon style provides an integration of aesthetics and function.

Harvest Moon combines Asian and modern elements that give both a light and grounded appearance. Its signature half-moon accents balance both the reverse tapered corner posts and the large under top cove cut. Notice how the flared corner posts have thick rounded edges which bookend a central arch. The 1-inch-thick top of the dresser has a reverse bevel making it appear delicate to the eye. Each drawer is accented with contrasting, crescent-shaped walnut pulls set into round recesses. The walnut pulls contrast handsomely with cherry, but you may combine maple and walnut with any features. And the finishing touch is the hand rubbed non-toxic, zero VOC Danish oil, which allows the heartwood cherry to get to its deepest russet patina.

All Maple Corner dressers present their meticulous matching of color and grain. Notice the drawer fronts in all pairs and triples come from the same piece of wood, so there is an aesthetic flow of wood from left to right with no interruptions. This dresser is handcrafted in Vermont by highly skilled artisans that are dedicated to making the highest quality solid wood furniture.

Also available in Walnut and Maple

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