Why Fly By Night

Avoid the Number One Furniture Regret

While the internet is unsurpassed for doing research, it is admittedly second-rate for making a final furniture decision. Looking at pictures and reading reviews is not a substitute for actual real-life experience.  Shopping our showroom (a spacious and airy 24,000 ft² in Downtown Northampton) will save you lots of time and grief.


Discover Unique and Different Home Furnishings Made from Quality Materials with Superior Fit and Finish

Everything is designed and sourced specifically for Western Massachusetts.  We’ve furnished thousands of local homes and apartments—we understand their size, scale and room plans.  Much of our furniture is not available anywhere else.


Pay a Very Fair Price and Have a Positive Experience

We are the “Right Sized” regional furniture store—big enough to design our own products and buy in bulk but small enough to care about you, give great service, and always fulfill our commitments.


Strengthen Your Local Economy and Exercise Your Values

When you buy furniture from us, the money stays right here in the Pioneer Valley.  We are independent and locally owned since 1988 and original members of the Living Wage Coalition.  We are 100% Renewably Powered and maintain our own rooftop solar array.