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Furniture and Mattress Delivery: Frequently Asked Questions

John - Our Delivery Manager

  • What Does Delivery Include? All Fly By Night Deliveries are "White Glove". This means we bring everything right into the room, position it where you want, assemble anything that needs to be put together, and remove any packing material or cardboard.
  • How Much Does Delivery Cost? Our Local (Northampton, Amherst, Holyoke, Greenfield) White Glove Delivery is only $65 per trip for an unlimited number of pieces. The cost goes up from there according to how long it takes to get to your place.
  • How Far Do You Deliver? We deliver on our own trucks from Southern Vermont to Northern Connecticut and from the Quabbin Area to The Berkshires and Williamstown. Any deliveries outside this area (from Maine to Washington DC) are done by our trusted Third Party Delivery Service.
  • When Do You Deliver? We deliver on own own trucks with our own dedicated Delivery Teams Monday through Friday from 10:00 AM until 6:00 PM.
  • Do I Have to Wait Around All Day? No way! Our delivery manager will work with you in advance to arrange a two-hour window that works with your schedule. We are 95%+ on time within that two-hour window. On the rare occasion that we are running late we will call and let you know.
  • Can You Narrow Down the Delivery Window to Less than Two Hours? Unfortunately we cannot. Two hours is the best we can do. We need a little wiggle room due to traffic, road construction and unforeseen issues at previous deliveries. We don't want to over-promise something that we can't deliver on.
  • Will You Remind Me Before My Delivery? Yes. We will send you a text the day before to remind you of the two-hour window mutually agreed upon.
  • Can Your Delivery Team Take Away Our Old Furniture? Yes we can. There is an additional charge depending on what you need removed and we do cap removal on a one-to-one basis. For example, If you buy one sofa or one mattress you can only pay to have one sofa or mattress removed. Finally, all removals have to be scheduled in advance and not be added-on at the last minute.
  • What Do You Do With Our Old One? According to Massachusetts State Law and hygienic safety we store all "take-away" mattresses in a shipping container separated from our warehouse. Once a week a recycling service is paid to pick them up and salvage the raw materials. We haul all old upholstery to the recycling center ourselves-they weigh our trucks before and after and charge by weight. Broken or damaged wood furniture is put into the dumpster. If it's solid wood, handsome, and still in good condition we try to donate it to a shelter.
  • Will You Move My Existing Furniture to Another Room? Sorry but our delivery service does not include relocating, moving, or rearranging your furniture. Please have the space open and ready to receive your new purchase.
  • Should I Tip the Delivery Team? Don't feel compelled but please do. If you think they did an outstanding job, showed exceptional effort, or did something extra for you - why not reward them with a tip. They will surely be appreciative and it might even make their day.
  • What Size are Your Delivery Trucks? We use box trucks that are 27' long (bumper to bumper) and about 10' tall. Think the medium-sized U-Haul moving truck. We can fit these in small driveways and turn-arounds, not get stuck on dirt roads, avoid overhanging tree branches and still fit enough furniture to do 8-10 average stops in a day.
  • What Happens If I Have To Cancel A Scheduled Delivery? If you need to cancel a week or more in advance it's no big deal. Shorter time-frame cancellations become increasingly problematic. We start staging and prepping your delivery 2 or 3 days in advance. We take the furniture from the racks, unpack, inspect and re-wrap it in the staging area. If you cancel now your furniture is in limbo and harder to store. If you cancel with less than 24 hour notice it's way worse because now the truck has already been loaded and the schedule closed. Once this happens we have to charge you a re-delivery fee to compensate for the extra work and the lost delivery slot.
  • Special Notes for Fall/Winter. Please turn your front porch lights on when it starts getting dark early. For the safety of our delivery team please remove snow and ice from your driveway and make sure the walkway approach is sanded or salted.

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