Sunbury Bed

With an enveloping and comfortably canted headboard, the Sunbury Bed encourages long, luxurious mornings with a book, newspaper, or Kindle in hand. Designed with plenty of space for pillow propping.

Expertly crafted in West Virginia with local and sustainably harvested solid Appalachian hardwood by one craftsperson who signs and dates the piece. Ask about all of your options from Gat Creek!

Special Order


TwinStarts at $2,349.95
FullStarts at $2,649.95
QueenStarts at $2,699.95
KingStarts at $2,849.95
California KingStarts at $3,159.95


Other DimensionsFootboard Height 19.5" / Slat Height 14"

Made To Measure For Western New England

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